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trackless train amusement rides 32 seats Diesel power Train

trackless train amusement rides 32 seats Diesel power Train

Category: trackless train Amusement Ride

Keywords: trackless train amusement rides 32 seats Diesel power Train

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Detailed introduction:

trackless train amusement rides 32 seats Diesel power Train

Each trackless sightseeing train has different appearance, function and price. You can consult customer service to ask the price of trackless sightseeing train in detail.
Trackless sightseeing train is a kind of outdoor leisure and recreational equipment which is popular for both the elderly and the middle-aged children. It can promote tourism economy in scenic spots, shopping malls or amusement parks, and also become a unique scenic line. It is a multi-functional recreational equipment for passengers to relax and sightseeing.
There are two types of trainless carriages: fully enclosed carriage and open carriage. The color of spray paint and the number of carriage sections can be customized according to the site selection.
There are two types of trackless sightseeing trains: diesel-driven and battery-driven. They are luxurious one-trailer two-car and one-trailer four-car. They can take 14-40 passengers. They can be used in smaller areas and are not easy to lay tracks. Because of the short production cycle and low production cost of trackless trains, trackless trains have small investment and are popular amusement equipment.

Standard Equipments of Locomotive:

  • Locomotive Doors
  • Bell
  • Rotary light for locomotive
  • Battery
  • MP3 player system
  • Leather Seat with E-mark approval Safety Belts
  • Adjustable Steering system
  • Bus Combination Electric system including dashboard
  • Storage Box
  • Front windscreen wiper and water spray system
  • Inner reading light
  • Side mirrors and inner mirror

Standard Equipments of Coach:

          Emergency Alarm button for coach

  • Inner lights for coach
  • Sound system for coach
  • Leather seats
  • Foot board for coach
  • Rotary light for last wagon
  • Open coach without doors would be with chain as standard protection equipment
  • Closed coach with door-ajar  indicators
32 seats Diesel Fun Train
32 seats Diesel Fun Train


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