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snail indoor mini roller coaster

snail indoor mini roller coaster

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Detailed introduction:

 snail indoor mini roller coaster

■ Specifications
 snail indoor mini roller coaster is small roller coaster type, a kind of mini train amusement equipment, fun, interesting and thrilling. It adopts to high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic appearance and correction resistance technical, use worm as the shape, this wacky worm roller coaster looks more cute and attractive, a lot of people fascinated.

 snail indoor mini roller coaster driving along two spiral paths in a long track, high stability and reliable, exciting and thrilling, suitable for children and family, is the best choice in amusement parks, theme park, carnival, funfair and other playground.
■ Technical Data
Item  snail indoor mini roller coaster
Type Single Track/One Track With One Ring/One Track with Two Rings
Power 80M/110M/140M
Area 21*9m
Height 3.5m
Passenger 16 people
Rotating Speed 25KM/H(adjustable by control cabinet)
Voltage 380 v
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color Production according to request
Cabinet With control switch/ transducer/ indicator light/ music button/ etc
■ Manufacturing Process
 snail indoor mini roller coaster 
 snail indoor mini roller coaster
■ Package & Delivery
  snail indoor mini roller coaster
 snail indoor mini roller coaster
■ Customer Case


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