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park ride slide worm dragon coaster for sale

park ride slide worm dragon coaster for sale

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Detailed introduction:

Park ride slide worm dragon coaster for sale

park ride slide worm dragon coaster for sale also known as the fruit and worm pulley, it is a fun amusement rides, with a large green worm shape, suitable for playgrounds, squares, parks, etc. it is made of high quality glass fiber materials, with environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, beautiful features, loved by children.
According to "China Investment Management Consulting Report of Amusement Equipment Industry", sliding dragon coaster has a great market prospect in the national market. 

Floor space required

Track length 120m
Power 6KW
Capacity 20 p
Container needed 1*40GP
Delivery 25 days
Payment T/T
Package wooden box with iron frame
Usage                   Theme park,playground    
Guarantee 12 months
Installation We will send you engineer

sliding dragon coaster

wacky worm coaster



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