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UFO Cycle amusement park rides

UFO Cycle amusement park rides

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Detailed introduction:

UFO Cycle amusement park rides

UFO Cycle amusement park rides is a new amusement rides. when the tourist is tired, you can change to the automatic mode, the body automatically forward, while moving, visitors can watch the park secnery, relaxing.

Skywalk is an innovative amusement ride of overhead sightseeing vehicle type which reserves the proceeding function of push-bike but also adds the automatic driving function. When the tourists are exhausted, they can change to the automatic gear and the vehicle will go forward automatically.

At the same time, the tourists are allowed to select their favorite music by pushing buttons during traveling, like roaming in the sky with a clear mind and uplift spirit.

The tourists can rotate the vehicle with a 360.angle by steering wheel, enjoying the surrounding magnificent scenery. Also, the induction system is installed in the vehicle and when the latter vehicle catches up with the one in front, the front vehicle will change the foot gear to auto advance, resulting in unimpeded driving on holidays.


Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage: 24V

Track Height: 3.5m

Rated Power: 4kw

Track Length: depending on the space range

Minimum Turning Radius: 6m

Loading Capacity: 2 persons/vehicle
UFO Cycle amusement park rides



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