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trailer mounted ride super trip miami crazy wave

trailer mounted ride super trip miami crazy wave

Category: Trailer mounted Rides

Keywords: trailer mounted ride super trip miami crazy wave

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Detailed introduction:

trailer mounted ride super trip miami crazy wave

trailer mount super trip miami can carry 6 seats to 18 seats, it can be designed according to your requirement.
and we can also produce different bak wall playground at your request.
our super miami can swing clockwise and counter clockwisely, full of fun.
besides, we can also add a trailer for it. it can be used for funfair, shopping mall, indoor playfround, amusement parks.

When the rotation reaches a certain degree of stimulation, it can also be reversed, the speed can be controlled at run time, both adjustable speed. In this way forward and reverse the role of alternating, the rock row to sit to reach the limit of the pursuit of excursion, row row sitting pleasure equipment for children, young students, young people ride, is the audience is very large diversity of new amusement equipment, And rare, novelty fun, to promote the row of rock and roll to sit amusement equipment has become very popular new amusement equipment.

Seats 10 seats 12seats 16seats
Area 10m*3.5m*5m 12m*4m*6m 14m*5m*7m
Height 3m 3m 3.5m
Running Height 1.45M 1.65M 1.95M
Voltage 380 V 380V 380V
Power 10 KW 12KW 15KW
Material Steel structure & FRP cockpits
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color according to your request
Cabinet with control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc

trailer mount super trip miami
trailer mount super trip miami


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