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Trailer mounted rides family coffee cup

Trailer mounted rides family coffee cup

Category: Trailer mounted Rides

Keywords: Trailer mounted rides family coffee cup

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Detailed introduction:

Trailer mounted rides family coffee cup 

Coffee cups have beautiful shapes, vivid coffee pots in the middle, and different colors, which make people feel the mysterious Southern customs. At the same time, the tourists'pleasure arises while the rides rotate and rotate. Each cockpit can rotate interlacedly and compete with each other in speed when the equipment is running, but you don't have to worry about the cup colliding or jumping out. The interaction between tourists sitting in the cockpit greatly improves the interesting and attractive of the equipment, which is also the main reason why the coffee cup gets vitality. Additionally, the colorful color matching has a very visual effect, which makes the children leave reluctantly. Of course, they will not feel panic when they ride. Because the speed of each cockpit can be controlled, you just need to let him rotate at a uniform speed, which makes the coffee cup ride a wide range of amusement equipment. It has strong vitality in amusement parks or parks.

Ali Brothers can produce kinds of portable amusement equipment. like portable mini flying car, portable samba balloon, portable mini pirate ship. etc.
we ever export our portable samba balloon and double flying and coffee cup to Europe before.

above coffee cup can fold together and pull everywhere.
so it is very convinient for the funfair.

Drive power: 9kw    

run height: 0.65m

Load: 4*6=24persons

area: 11*9m

gyration Dia.: 5.8m


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