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water bikes paddle boat pedal bike

water bikes paddle boat pedal bike

Category: Kiddie Train ride

Keywords: water bikes paddle boat pedal bike

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Detailed introduction:

water bikes paddle boat pedal bike

The Water bike exercise originated in Canada, comfortable, safe, and it can adjust the seat height,handlebar racing type, easy to handle, pedal kicking back and forth, forward or back everything freely, if you feel tired, but also stopped feet in the water "suspended", it is leisurely. Water bike ride up very light, speed can reach 8 to 11 kilometers, but you need not to worry about its safety, it will never be "roll-over" of the danger, and there is no strict age limit, all ages. Water can also be a

single person driving a bicycle.

Product Description

1. Stable: wide body structure with many buoys; The lateral stability is much better than traditional boats with monomer structure. Anti-wave, can operate in 2-meter high waves and it will more stable  in  river and lake.

2. Fast: The speed is very fast because we combine the gear and chain. The normal running speed is 8-13km/h. The max speed is 18km/h.

3. Rust-proof and anticorrosion: The chain and gear drive unit is sealed water-tight, providing protection even in salty water; working together with the propeller making it more fast. 

4. Shallow water: Operates in less than one foot of water. Automatically pivots up and over obstacles like rocks or sand. 

5. Quiet performance: The water bike is engineered for silence. It won't disturb wildlife.

6. Easy to install: One person can assemble and disassemble the bike in several minutes, with out any tools.

7. Environment protection: it is friendly to the environment.

8. Basket: For drinks, food, shoes and hats, clothing and other small items, convenient and practical.

9. Long life: Adopt imported polyethylene material, which is uv protection, high density, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, long service life. One time investment, long-term benefit.


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