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techno power thrilling amusement rides

techno power thrilling amusement rides

Category: Thrilling Rides

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Detailed introduction:

techno power thrilling amusement rides

Detailed introduction:


Energy Storm Thrill Rides Amusement rides manufacturer
■ Specifications
Wind-fire wheel rides (also called techno power rides/Power surge rides) is a large amusement park equipment with high-speed rotary; this ride can do ten kinds of actions, such as rolling and turning with fast and low speed. Tourists can enjoy rich rhythm of music, the body will waves bumps like in the sea, or like flying saucer in space; Visitors do the high-speed rotation with seats in the effect of the strong centrifugal force, as if being pushed into the object, beyond time and space, thread, dizzy, thrilling stimulation; Techno power rides have excellent innovative design and it is popular among both adults and kids. 
techno power of  ALI BROTHERS:
1.360 Degrees Operation
2.Factory Price
3.First Class R&D and Technical Support
4.Professional Engineers’ Team
■ Technical Data
Type energy storm
Passenger 24Capacity
Covering Area 15.5m
Total Height 5.3M
Voltage 380 v
Power 16KW
Cockpits 12pcs
■ Manufacturing Process




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