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Samba balloon amusement rides

Samba balloon amusement rides

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Detailed introduction:

Samba balloon amusement rides

China supplier Samba balloon amusement rides

Samba balloon is a kind of family rides, will the colorful balloons, This product integrates lifting, orbit, rotation, each cabin can take 4 people,
passengers can operate center wheel, control the rotation of the cabins,!Passengers on the
can experience more fun!

Ali Brothers samba balloon ride for sale with the function of going up and down, revolution and rotation, It bears eight or twelve balloon shaped cabins and each cabin loads 4 rides. The samba balloon ride (or called balloon race Ferris wheel, sometimes,) perfectly combines the colorful hot-air balloon and the cabin with beautiful appearance. The hot air balloon shaped cabins appearing in the sky will attract all the kids. Both children and adults can enjoy samba balloon rides. 
■ Technical Data
Name Samba balloon
Height 4m
Capacity 24 people
Diameter 8m
Material FRP&Steel
Power 8kw
Voltage 380v
■ Manufacturing Process
 Samba balloon amusement rides
■ Package & Delivery
■ Customer Case

  Samba Balloon is the most popular new play equipment, it's to be made of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical system components,

it is a moving balloon class playing equipment, rotating around the center of vertical axis and lifting freely.
The balloons fly around the center or rotate other decorative shapes, and freely control the rise. Children grip joystick to freely rotate in flight, and it is so enjoyable.
Not only the play equipment has good performance and to operate simply, but also innovative 
modeling , gorgeous and charming lights to decorate, 


China supplier Samba balloon amusement rides

Samba balloon amusement rides

China supplier Samba balloon amusement rides

Power  11 KW

Voltage 380/220 V, 50 Hz

Rising height  1.5m

Passengers 24/32people

Area / diameter  9 m


Height  3.5m





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