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30m 35m 40m ferris wheel for sale

30m 35m 40m ferris wheel for sale

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Detailed introduction:

30m 35m 40m ferris wheel for sale

 Ferris wheel is Grand and Beautiful in Appearance, Which is One of the Most Important and Largest Equipment in Amusement Park.
The Passengers will Enjoy the Intoxicating Scenery, whether it is Day and Night. In one Word, the Ferris Wheel is the Symbol of the Amusement Park.
As the Symbol of the Theme Park, Ferris Wheel is the Most Popular Ride.
Ferris Wheel of Sanq Group:
1.Beautiful Cabins  
2.Outside and Inside Light 
3.Extreme Height 
4.Factory Price 
5.Professional Engineers’ Team Technical Support 
6.30 Years Installation Experience  
■ Technical Data
Height Cabin Passenger Driving Power Covered Land Size
42m 24 pcs 96 passengers 16kw 28*31m
20m 12 pcs 48 passengers 6kw 14*17m
25m  14 pcs 56 passengers 6kw  15m*18m 
 30m  18 pcs 72 passengers  6kw  18m*20m 
 50m 32 pcs  128 passengers  18kw   32m*35m
65m 36 pcs 216 passengers 26.4kw 32mm*38mm
88m 48 pcs  288 passengers  39.2kw  38m*44m 
■ Manufacturing Process
 30m 35m 40m ferris wheel for sale
ferris wheel 

1. We will send our engineers to your park to guide installing this equipment and train your workers.
2. We can make a 3D design plan for your park.
3. We supply maintenance and repair and spare parts supply after sale service.
4. We can give our professional for running a park, 'cause we also invested many parks in China and have much experience in this field.


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