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We pay attention to go to the playground?

clicks: date: 2021-10-29
Everyone knows the amusement park is a mixed, relatively crowded places, so it's easy to become a paradise for the thief. To the amusement park, be sure to look after their own belongings, don't let your own valuables out of his sight.

More dangerous good  don't try to project

In the amusement park has a lot of project is more dangerous, especially for children or people with cardiovascular disease can be said to be the resolute can't play. So, if to arrive in front of such a project, * * * * good or not to try

Not all of the playground are pass

A lot of friends in the playground when they thought all amusement park ticket. A ticket can play all the projects in the amusement park, but it is not, some amusement parks pass can only play a fixed several projects, and some other projects need to buy a ticket.

Took the kids to play some more project

If you were to take their children to play, to let my children to play with some quieter, more project, such as the merry-go-round, slide, bumper cars and so on, make sure the child's *!

Bullish on their children

In the playground, the child may lost because of fun project course, quietly to act, from the parents' care. Therefore, parents must look after their children, don't let the children in the playground lost or venture!

Don't forget to take pictures at the same time playing want to stay

Go to the amusement park is not just for fun, but also can take some beautiful photos as attachment!

Amusement park is a place where everybody likes to play, went to happy, must be careful, don't anything!

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