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outdoor amusement park project in Uzbekstan

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

outdoor amusement park project in Uzbekstan

if you want to set up a big international amusement park, then you can consider following games.
like ferris wheel, big pendulum, pirate ship,bumper cars,as well as thrilling flying tower.

Regarding how to set up a park, before you start, you shall answer following questions:
1.what kind of park you will build. indoor park or outdoor?
2. what is your main players? adult or kids? or families?
3. what is the main topic of your park? cartoon, dinasour or monsters?
4. how big it will cover? usually, outdoor park is much bigger than indoor park, according to the size of 
your amusement park, we will give you different suggestions.
5. finally, the most important question is how much you want to invest? it will decide what games you will choose.
and what kind of topic the park will use.

regarding all these questions, I will talk details in next text.

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