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mini flying car and mini pendulum installed in Saudi Arabia

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

mini flying car and mini pendulum installed in Saudi Arabia

mini flying car
mini pendulum ride for sale

Mini pendulum
Mini pendulum is a kinds of rotation amusement rides, it swings like a pendulum,when it swings,
the plate also rotates at 360 degree with the movement.

 under the arm with a disc, swing in the arm when the swing, arm below The disc is doing revolving,
sitting in the face of the tourists have a very strong feeling of centrifugation, during the operation of the equipment,
you will feel very happy and excited.

mini flying car ride
Happy flying is a mobile no basis of the times surfing, left and right drift, 360-degree rotation, the whole machine is simple,
external decoration is active, and the other is equipped with a hundred brilliant flashing lights and beautiful music,
so that people play Such as exposure to the magnificent sea, to stimulate and no sense of fear and fear, all ages;
covers an area of small, easy handling, suitable for square, shopping malls, supermarkets and other bustling lots.

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