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amusement rides in Algeria

clicks: date: 2019-06-03

amusement rides in Algeria

mini flying car in Algeria

The flying car now is half new rides in this indutry, it's not a new model. so it's advantage is the price, the flying car now have many different shape of cockpit, no matter which kind of theme your park is, I believe you can find one type flying car for your sweet park.

So the technology is very mature for the flying car rides. and the quality is very stable, the flying car is not very soft rides and not thrilling rides, so it's suit for kids and adults, and also can installed in both indoor and outdoor, it also can make with trailer, you can move it around.

amusement mini flying car in algeria
amusement mini flying car in algeria
amusement mini flying car in algeria

Human gyroscope in Algeria

Item Name Item Capacity Height Area Power Voltage
Human gyroscope space ball E11-3 2 persons 3m 2.4*1.5m 3.5kw 220v
Material FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) and stainless steel
human gyroscope in algeria
human gyroscope in algeria

Bumper cars in Algeria

bumper car is one of the most famous ride in amusement park, there is three types available, ground powered, ceiling powered and battery type. Ground type the power is supplied by floor, tourist drive car by themself, left clash, right bump, wipe and bumper, for battery bumper cars, no special requiement on floor and the ceiling, only net bumper cars. Fast speed, flexible turning and competing makes this game much more exciting.
bumper cars in algeria

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