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Amusement Park Project is ongoing

clicks: date: 2018-11-01

How to build a Amusement Park Project 

With the opening of the national fetuses policy and the great change of parents ' concept, more and more investors see the market foreground and development potential of indoor amusement park. The amusement park has thus become the investment community's sweet cakes. For investors, they are most concerned about what should be paid attention to for investment, to get the greatest benefits. Here, Sinorides will tell you that you should pay attention to three major matters: 1. funds, 2. site selection and 3. security. These three items are indispensable!

1, early investment funds are:

A, venue rental, simple decoration costs;

B, amusement park design

C, the advertising investment, handling tickets, membership cards and other fees before opening;

D, business license and related business procedures for the processing costs.

2, the late investment funds are:

A, the usual cleaning costs, the amusement rides such as, ferries wheels seats, kiddie rides always should be cleaned everyday;

B, the usual rides maintenance costs. Generally, the supplier will provide a certain period of free maintenance costs, and you should enter into purchase and service contracts when buying;

C, the additional cost of new rides. With the improvement of the operation, new rides should be introduced constantly, or the visitors will be fewer and fewer;

D, fees of water and electricity, fire, rides overhaul and so on. If funds are sufficient, you can install the on-site camera, which is very convenient to Management Park, and is an effective way for anti-theft.


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