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amusement rides installed in Singapore

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

amusement rides installed in Singapore

amusement rides installed in Singapore successfully. wish the park better and better business.
1. flying tower ride
flying tower ride is is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment of the gyro tower. Novel style, magnificent momentum,
spectacular, interesting strong, into a thrilling and fun as a whole. With the rotation of the disk rises, visitors in the hanging
seat with the rotary disc tilt and swivel relative rotation of the rotary center, fly up and down, how exciting, a party can experience
the fun of it. The rotary flying chair is like a big umbrella which can shake the head and hang a lot of beautiful, delicate and safe
hanging chairs. When the big umbrella rotates (or shakes the head), the hanging chair rotates in the air in a rolling manner.
At this time the tourists who sit in the chair will be full of excitement, romantic feeling.

2. 360 big pendulum

Loop Fighter King Loop is the new amazing major ride manufactured by ALI BROTHERS.
Loop fighter is characterized by an arm counterbalanced with a series of attached seats. It is a kind of pendulum that rises
from the ground up to an angle of 100 degrees while the seats spill and loop at a very high speed. It's similar to the original Pegasus,
Inversion, and Street Fighter rides.

3. dancing fly ride
Dancing Flying Ride is a high-speed rotary large amusement equipment. It’s a large disc that can rotate, turn, lift up and down.
Tourists sit in the cabins of the large disc in a circle, accompanied by rhythmic music, their bodies move with the disc.
The dancing flying rotating and turning ups and downs, make tourists feel like surfing on the ocean waves; or feel like taking
a space flying saucer that moving with countless changes.

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