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amusement rides for shopping mall

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

amusement rides for shopping mall

nowerdays, amusement rides has been combined with shopping mall, being a new fashion.
when shopping, u can also playing the rides, drinking coffee, watching film at the time.
it is exactly a new trend all over the world.

Jumping Circle Ride is a type of free fall tower amusement rides, based around a central structure of tower.
Jumping Circle is very popular among teenagers. Cool decoration, special lights and sound system create its success.
►When the Jumping Circle machine starts to move, riders will laugh and scream on it. 12 children riders or
12 adults riders can be lifted to a height of approximately 30 foot, the Jumping Circle is lifted to the top of a large
vertical structure, and then released to free-fall down the tower. Each jump brings elated faces of exciting and delight.
With endless teeming possibilities, the Jumping Circle  might be the most versatile amusement device of all.
amusement rides for shopping mall
Pendulum Ride is one of the most thrill rides in amusement parks. Sinorides Pendulum is made of
Super Thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorful LED lamps and
comprehensive music device, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs.
All of these make Sinorides pendulum totally attractive, thrill and safe.
ALI BROTHERS Pendulum rides is upper transmission; it means the motor is on the top of this rides.
This kind of transmission method makes our Pendulum swing with larger angle (180 °) and speed,
so that passengers will have more exciting experience.
amusement rides for shopping mall
Flying UFO combines a breathtaking spinning motion with a new seating style. The UFO ride is unlike
anything in the industry, as it positions riders on a motorcycle-like pedestal seat facing outward.
This new style seat will maximize the visual impact for the 22 riders as they experience the rush of the Disco.
Flying UFO is the ideal addition to any park or carnival.
amusement rides for shopping mall
Mini Pendulum Ride is a kind of thrill amusement park ride, also called Top Swing, Small Hammer.
When the equipment starts, people in the pendulum can be swing back and forth by the air cylinder.
The seats rotate by 360 degrees, and the air pressure device promotes the swinging of seats.
amusement rides for shopping mall

Spiral Jet is one of Sinorides' most fashionable thrill ride for teenager and adult entertainment.
With a splendid appearance, it contains every element of getting pleasures and stimulations.
►By an integrated combination of spinning, lifting, flying and bouncing, this ride is definitely suitable
for all kinds of amusement parks, playgrounds both indoor and outdoor, FEC, vacation resorts, etc.
►It has a brilliant market in Middle-east, Europe and many other countries, and will help clients make profits
in a short time due to its best quality.
amusement rides for shopping mall
Ferris Wheel  makes the perfect machine as a centrepiece for any kiddieland or any indoor or
outdoor family entertainment center. Each of the ten cabins can accommodate two children,
or one adult and one children. There are also 5/6 cabins types to choose.

amusement rides for shopping mall

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