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Our customer's amusement park in Algeria

clicks: date: 2018-05-31

Our customer's amusement park in Algeria

Our rides has arrieved Algeria successfully, now our engineer is in Algeria doing the installation for the park owner.

we have more than 10 sets of rides installed in Algeria.
and the park owner speak highly of our quality and service.

1. coffee cup family rides is Tea Cup amusement ride is suitable for indoor and outdoor parks, playland, squares, playgrounds, etc. When the ride works, cups can not only revolve along with the whole ride, but also rotate by itself.

2. This classic fairy-like ride has 16 horses for a total capacity of 16 seats, platform diameter is 6m. Hundreds of brilliant lights illuminate the entire ride creating a showpiece ride guaranteed to delight the crowds.

3. Spray Ball Car Ride is very popular among children, the passengers sit on a train which runs around the spray ball animals in the middle, they can catch the balls with a clap net.

4. water carousel game is always essential to an amusement park or fairground. Exquisite workmanship, smooth surface with high-quality fiber reinforce plastic (FRP), various painting and designs are available for your choice.

mini ferris wheel amusement rides is one miniature of the ferris wheel ride, its height is less than 10 meters, suitable for kids ride, maily seen in the park, funfair playground, colorful and cartoon FRP cabins, strong centre pillar, it looks like one cute Windmill from the far point, people can have one good view for the surroundings, enjoy the hapiness !

6. Pirate ships amusement equipment is a kind of using the combination of external hull for reciprocating swing large recreational machinery.

Passengers on proliferation of pirate ship, the fight between the waves and alternation of weightlessness and overweight feeling,
bring you a breathtaking, stimulation at the same time, also bring a relaxed feeling, let a person aftertaste endless.

7. As for the Self control plane amusement rides for sale, there are 6 or more aircraft which are the cabins of kiddie riders. And each of the aircraft has two seats and can go up and down. The airplanes are fixed on the arms around the vertical axis. 

8. flying chair / flying swinger, offer an incredible swirl of colors and lights. The rides have a double rotation movement, with an hydraulic lift and a ride axle inclination of 15°. 

9. Disco Tagada is also called Disco Turntable, it goes ups and downs unexpectedly in operation, and it seems that passengers are at the ocean with greats waves.

If you want to add some items to your park, pls contact me successfully, whatsapp+008615638832603

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