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UFO cycle under production for Brazil buyer

clicks: date: 2020-02-27

UFO cycle under production for Brazil buyer

Our Brazil buyer ordered our UFO cycle, he has special requirement about the track design.

as there is a lot of trees and mountains in his park, he wants the track go around the trees and mountains.

after we discussed with our engineer team and make a test on the cumputer, finally, we make detail design for his park.and the buyer is very satisfied with the final design, and speak highly of what we did for his park.

following is our production pictures for the UFO cycle. soon we will set it up.

The tourists can rotate the vehicle with a 360.angle by steering wheel, enjoying the surrounding magnificent scenery. Also, the induction system is installed in the vehicle and when the latter vehicle catches up with the one in front, the front vehicle will change the foot gear to auto advance, resulting in unimpeded driving on holidays.
Cabin has been finished, we used soft seats to make the player feel comfortable.
UFO cycle

Until now, the Brazil clients has used our game for two years.just now, he sent me some feedback pictures for our games in his park.
I am so happy to see that he is satisfied with our quality.
wish his business better and better in the future.


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