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Space Coaster Under production for Turkey

clicks: date: 2018-03-20

Space Coaster Under production for Turkey

This client is from Turkey, he has a land which is in irregular shape, and he wants a different roller coaster.
after study all his maps and landscapes, we made special design for his area.

According to his land, we make several designs, different tracks layout, finally, the buyer finalized one of the design.
and he is very happy and tell us that: It is easy to find a factory, but hard to find a factory who can meet special requirement.

Following is the production pictures, and we use good quality materials to produce all the tracks and columns:
quality speak loudly than any words..
Space Coaster

we use 13 ton of iron to produce the whole roller coaster, so it is strong enough
following is the pictures for the tracks and supporting legs.
Space Coaster

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