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Feedback pictures from Algeria amusement park

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

Feedback pictures from Algeria amusement park

Our amusement rides in Algeria amusement park has been testing running for 2 months.
The park owner feedback us the rides pictures and said the rides runs well and bring him good business.
If you also want to build such a park, you can choose following games:

Big rides like pirate ship, crazy dance,etc
 Algeria amusement park
1.     pirate ship can swing fiercely, is full of fun and excitement.
2.     crazy bus also belongs to big thrilling game, adult all like it.

Middle family rides like frog jumping,happy swing, mini flying car, and mini ferris wheel
 Algeria amusement park
1.     frog jumping ride has a cute design, parent can take their kids to play it.
2.     mini flying car rotate and spins, brings the families happiness.
3.     mini ferris wheel is a trpical amusement rides from our factory.

Small kiddy rides like human gyroscope, happy swing,etc.
 Algeria amusement park
1. human gyroscope is nice game, cheap but intresting.
3.     happy swing is a family rides, it can carry 12 seats one time.
If you want us to give you more suggestions, pls contact Ali Brothers freely.

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