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30m giant ferris wheel for sale with led light

clicks: date: 2018-01-29

30m giant ferris wheel for sale with led light


Ferris wheel is vertical to the ground. The total height is (20m-52m )from ground.(12-42)cabinets are arrived

around the turntable, and one closet can hold 4 persons. The wheel is driven by the electric control system.

The tourist goes higher with the wheel turns. In the closet, Tourists can enjoy the scene from high.


30m Ferris wheel Description

  • 30 meter Ferris wheel with 18 closed gondola
  • The area you will place the wheel should have a solid surface
  • Trees and other objects should be removed from the area.
  • Free installation videos will be provide
  • Color of the seats and lights are optional
  • The delivery date of 30 m Ferris wheel is 50-60 working days.

30-meter ferris wheel is not too high, it is also not too low. That’s the reason why 30m Ferris wheel become popular in the park.
We also provide
other height of Ferris wheel and gondolas according to our customer’s request. As the most classic attraction in the
amusement park, Ferris wheel
 keep its influence for a long time. Almost all families in the park will have a ride on this attraction
and enjoy a splendid landscape from its 30 meter or other height.

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