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amusement rides frog jumping for sale

amusement rides frog jumping for sale

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Detailed introduction:

■ Specifications
 frog hopper ride is a type of amusement ride, based on a central structure of tower. Children will laugh, giggle and scream on it. Six children and adults are lifted to a height of approximately 20 foot. The Jumping star is lifted to the top of a large vertical structure, and then released to free-fall down the tower. Each jump brings elated faces of exciting and delight. With endless teeming possibilities, the Jumping Star might be the most versatile amusement device of all。
■ Technical Data
Name  frog hooper
Size 6m*4.5m
Life span 10years
Material FRP
Capacity 6 kids
Height 6.5m
CBM  25m
Warranty 12months
■ Manufacturing Process
amusement rides frog jumping for sale
Welcome to get frog hopper rides for your amusement rides business! Ali Brothers as a large professional amusement park rides 
manufacturer in China, has designed several sets of Frog hopper rides for our customers from different countries! Frog rides could be customized in different colors, heights and seats quantity.

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Details for 
Frog Hopper Rides:
Height: 6M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 3KW
Size: 4*3m
Capacity: 6 persons


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