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spiral jet ride airborne shot

spiral jet ride airborne shot

Category: Flying Chair

Keywords: spiral jet ride airborne shot

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Detailed introduction:

spiral jet ride airborne shot

Detailed introduction:


■ Specifications
spiral jet ride airborne shot is the latest technology imported from abroad, lovers, speed, air shooting and flying chairs are very similar, also called love
The companion speed, but it and the flying chairs are still very different, can through the cabin air firing button on the elevator
And attack, visitors can attack each other, play, so that all visitors are not simply sitting on top
The rotation of a circle, but can personally participate in play. All experienced visitors can fill in the game
Enjoy the fun of interacting with others. Lovers participate together and experience the fun of beating each other together
Participate in and experience the joy of interaction between parents and children. This product will bring infinite joy to the player, it is a reality
With real, valuable amusement equipment. aerial fire
■ Technical Data
Cpacity   16 p Color  customized
Power  9 kw Paint automobile special paint
Voltage 380 v  Material  FRP & Steel
Height  5.5 m MOQ  1 set
Speed  adjustable Cover area  7*7 m
■ Manufacturing Process
■ Package & Delivery
spiral jet ride airborne shot

spiral jet ride airborne shot is a large recreation facilities and shake shed shooting a combination of chair, two people sitting in a cabin
Within the shooting, it is a very exciting game, children have a holiday, come to protect the earth bar, put the outside

spiral jet ride airborne shot



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