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frog jumping ride amusement park

frog jumping ride amusement park

Category: Family Rides

Keywords: frog jumping

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Detailed introduction:

frog jumping ride amusement park

First, the frog jump Introduction:
frog jumping ride amusement park is a kind of flying suspension tower seat with flexible parts for vertical movements.
Frog Jump "The amusement machine belongs to a kind of amusement device with a constant elevation and subdivision, and the equipment is equipped with six seats.After the operator is seated, the seat belt and the rod are fastened, and the tourist rises to a certain height, and then Will be leaping segment down, like sitting on the back of the big frog bounce feeling. Popular by tourists, especially young tourists love.
Second, the frog jump works:
frog jumping ride amusement park main structure for the gantry, seat, cylinder.
The principle is: the seat wire rope around the gantry fixed pulley connected with the cylinder, cylinder constant expansion and contraction of the seat on the seat so that visitors will be elevated to a high place and then quickly decentralized, and then immediately upgrade, and then keep up and down the action . Visitors come in, as if sitting on the back of a big frog bounce, personally feel overweight and weightlessness.

Description: Frog hopper
Capacity: 6p
Lifting height: 6m
Height: 8.3m
Power: 15Kw
Voltage: 380V
Type: Other Outdoor Toys & Structures
Space area: 6*5m

frog jumping ride amusement park
frog jumping ride amusement park
frog jumping ride amusement park
frog jumping ride amusement park


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