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 Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides

Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides

Category: Disco Tagada funfair ride

Keywords: Ballerina Rides

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Detailed introduction:

 Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides

 Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides made by ALI BROTHERS looks very beautiful and magnificent from the outter looks, when operation, it moves round and round, from slow to fast then from horizontal to inclined.  Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides gives players a feeling of thrilling and relaxing, but safety and interesting. It is an ideal place for young people to seek adventure, novelty, fascination, excitement and super enjoyment.

Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides is a new type amusement machine, it consists of a big round base, totally 24 seats which turn around and around, you could adjust the speed according to your own taste. And it equipped with thousands of LED lights, very beautiful, especially at night, which could catch the passengers' eye at their first sight. Also, it come with fantastic music, which is more exciting and popular among both children and adults!

Product Name Hully Gully Rides
Power 13KW
Equipment Diameter 5.5 M
Voltage 380V/220V
Capacity 24p or customized
Equipment Height 3.5 M
Operating Height 2 M
Speed 10 r/min

New Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides
New Indoor Amusement Park Space Ballerina Rides


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