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16 seats control plane amusement rides

16 seats control plane amusement rides

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Detailed introduction:

■ Specifications
12 16 24 seats control plane
 Self control plane rides are a kind of family amusement rides which is very interesting and exciting. We can often see it in the amusement parks, outdoor, plazas, public gardens, etc.In Ali Brothers, we not only can produce the common classic design, but also developed a lot of new design, like bear, bee, and some others figure, which win a lot of attention by our clients.
Ali Brothers not only produce common amusement rides, like a carousel, samba balloon, flying chair, mini Ferris wheel, etc.
But also we have our own design team, we can customize according to your idea.
■ DATA    
Name Category Size Seat Power Voltage Area
Ocean Self-control Plane Self-control Plane Rides D12xH7m 24P 41KW 380V 14x14m
Funny Plane Self-control Plane Rides D4.5xH2.5m 8P 1.2KW 380V 6mx6m
Rotating Bounce Self-control Plane Rides D14xH5m 36P 80KW 380V D15m
Energy Claw Self-control Plane Rides D6xH7m 22P 25KW 380V 25x11m
Bouncing Car Self-control Plane Rides D6xH3.2m 24P 5KW 380V 8xm
Blue Star Rides Self-control Plane Rides D10xH5m 16P 10KW 380V 11x11m
Happy Kangaroo Self-control Plane Rides D8.5xH3.5m 16P 12KW 380V 10x10m
Modern Time Rides Self-control Plane Rides D9xH6.5m 18P 12KW 380V 10x10m
16P Self-control Plane Self-control Plane Rides D10xH6.5m 16P 9KW 380V 11x11m
12P Self-control Plane Self-control Plane Rides D6xH5.5m 12P 3KW 380V 8x8m
24 Seats Self-control Plane Self-control Plane Rides D6xH4.5m 24p 17Kw 380V D13mxH7m
Rotating Plane Self-control Plane Rides D4.5xH2.2m 8P 1.2KW 380V 6x6m
Kids Plane Self-control Plane Rides D8xH5.5m 12P 10Kw 380V 10x10m
Star Ship Self-control Plane Rides D8.5xH6.8m 16P 15KW 380V 11x11m
Space Shuttle Self-control Plane Rides D13mxH7m 24P 17Kw 380V 14.5x14.5m
Note: Most of our amusement rides can be customized to each and every customer.
24 seats Control plane
24 seats Control plane
24 seats Control plane


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