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24 32 seats Double-deck carousel horse ride

24 32 seats Double-deck carousel horse ride

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Keywords: 24 32 seats Double-deck carousel horse ride

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Detailed introduction:

24 32 seats Double-deck carousel horse ride

 Deluxe double carousel is one of the indispensable classic amusement equipment in the amusement park, up and down double independent control structure. Lower clockwise rotation, the upper counterclockwise rotation
Double-deck carousel, it is a kind of single vertical axis type of up and down amusement machine, the ride has the splendid appearance, the colorful cone top roof, circumferential cornice equipped with colorful fiber reinforced plastic decoration, In the middle of the hall there are ups and downs horses along different size. Exquisite luxuriant decoration connotation, majestic momentum, the dizzying lights and elegant modelling, special in the night is illuminated, like a giant crown coming with glittering and translucent, mysterious and romantic.
Name Double-Deck Carousel
Passenger 88 People
Diameter 16 M
Area 20*22M
Height 17.8M
Horse Rising Height 12 CM
Rotating Speed 3-7 R/M (adjustable)
Voltage 380 V
Power 35 KW
LED bulb 2000-2500pcs
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color Can be made according to request
Cabinet With control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc

Double-deck carousel
Double-deck carousel
Double-deck carousel


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