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Hydraulic Carousel Rides

Hydraulic Carousel Rides

Category: Carousel Horse Ride

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Detailed introduction:

Hydraulic Carousel Rides

Hydraulic carousels is the world first model of total platform can lift up 1m carousel. It's attractive in appearanceand vivid in color and also welcomed by children and adults.

Merry go round carousel house is welcomed by people at all ages in amusement park, kindergarden, theme park, squares, shopping malls,etc. It is designed into various lovely cartoon horses images, dreamy lollipop images and delicious cake images etc. When merry go round works, horses will go up and down, all of them have colorful led lights and music. When they begins to work, all beautiful lights vivid. How is a beautiful scene.


Main material is FRP and Steel: steel frame, fiberglass decoration and horses. FRP is a good corrosion resistant material & insulating material & thermal insulation material, have high tensile strength and compressive strength. Colorful LED lights and funny music make this carousel rides more attractive. Music format support MP3. You can choose your favorite music through a USB disk, you can also control LED lights through "lighting button" which in the control box.

  • Area : 9m*9m
  • Max Dia :
  • Height : 6.8m
  • Voltage : 380V
  • Power : 9 KW
  • Capacity : 16 P
  • Hydraulic Carousel Rides


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