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carnival games 24 seats carousel horse

carnival games 24 seats carousel horse

Category: Carousel Horse Ride

Keywords: carnival games carousel horse

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Detailed introduction:

carnival games 24 seats carousel horse

24 seats carousel horse is attractive in appearance and novel in color, it is very welcomed and loved by market and children, young people. It is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, playground, funfair, building area, shopping malls and other types of indoor and outdoor venues. 
24 seats carousel horse is made of synthetic material FPR (Glass fiber reinforced plastics ) with features like environmental, corrosion resistance, high stability and reliability ect.
There are many themes: With flashing lights and beautiful music. When the equipment starts the turntable of it rotates gradually, and the horses that connected with the turntable will go up and down along the turntable. as if you are driving it in the splendid prairie.
■ Technical Data
Name Merry Go Round
Passenger 24 People
Diameter 8 M
Height 5.8 M
Horse Rising Height 12 CM
Rotating Speed 3-7 R/M (adjustable by control cabinet)
Voltage 380V
Power 7.5 KW
LED bulb 1000-1200pcs (addable by client demand)
Music USB port on control cabinet
Transmission Up transmission
Cabinet with control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc
■ Manufacturing Process
carnival games 24 seats carousel horse
■ Package & Delivery
24 seats carousel horse

Carousel is also named merry go round, it is one of most popular and traditional amusement park rides/theme park rides made in china and all over the world.
Carousel is divided into two styles (top-drive and under drive). In the first, it is just under drive style, folding, made by four main parts, round track, base bottom, ceiling decoration , and horses or cars; as time goes on, it is improved into top-drive style, made by three main parts, round base bottom, ceiling decoration , and horses or cars or other rides.

Details about 24 seats carousel horse

carnival games 24 seats carousel horse



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