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sky net bumper cars for sale

sky net bumper cars for sale

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Detailed introduction:

sky net bumper cars for sale

Sky net bumper cars is a very intresting bumper cars, when players sit the bumper car,
they will drive the car to dash other people’s cars. During the time, they can feel the
face-to-face feeling and experience the feeling of victory. Many players can enjoy themselves in this game, 
just like participating in a exciting battle game.

FEATURES OF BUMPER CARS                                   

1. Anti-static, anti-UV.

2. Easy to install.

3. Safe and solid.

4. Equipped with advanced great music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, timing functions;

5. Sand-blasting cleaned steel rails and tubes, fiberglass, stainless steel fixing accessories,
non-fading and durable colorful design;

--- We have gound net bumper cars,battery bumper cars and ceiling bumper cars.

--- our bumper cars widely used for theme park,amusement playground,funfair,carnival etc.


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