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Ali Brothers ground grid bumper cars

Ali Brothers ground grid bumper cars

Category: Bumper Car

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Detailed introduction:

■ Specifications

Ground grid bumper cars with led light

Why is ground grid bumper car more popular?
When you go to the amusement park with your family, You will find that the ground grid bumper cars have been the most popular model. Why can they eliminate the old ceiling net bumper cars? Because the ceiling net bumper cars need a separate power polarity on the ceiling, it will cost more, besides, when it runs, the sparkles from the ceiling will drop, may cause a fire. The new ground grid bumper car ride uses alternating strips of metal on the floor separated by insulating spacers. It saves many costs and improves security. 

■ Technical Data
Size (LxWxH) 1.9 x 1.1 x 0.9 MH
Voltage DC24V
Power 200W
Material Car paint FRP(Fiber Reinforce Plastic) & GB steel
Charging time 8-10 hours
Working time 7-8 hours
Weight 200kgs
Package volume 2.5CBM
Accessories Music, adjustable time, Battery, Remote control, Lights
Floor Request Flat playground is OK
Passenger 2 people
Music Can be download by yourself
■ Manufacturing Process
■ Package & Delivery


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