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thrilling big pendulum 24 seats

thrilling big pendulum 24 seats

Category: Bg Pendulum Rides

Keywords: thrilling big pendulum 24 seat

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Detailed introduction:

■ Specifications

thrilling big pendulum 24 seats

Big pendulum as an evergreen swinging ride, is a type of pendulum amusement ride when it rotates it swings back and forth., which is a kind of highly thrilling rides for sale in Ali Brothers. As for the frisbee ride or pendulum ride, the pendulum is suspended between two support frames. Attached to the base of this pendulum is a circular gondola. Riders on our Frisbee ride are seated on the gondola of the big pendulum ride facing outward.

Ali Brothers amusement equipment is specialized in manufacturing the big pendulum ride, we have exported our big pendulum to many countries, therefore, the frisbee ride for sale from Ali Brothers can be high in quality and can ensure the safety of all riders, which are widely recognized by customers around the world.
■ Technical Data
name of the products: big pendulum       big pendulum
persons:                       16persons             24persons
voltage:                        380v                      380v
power:                         30kw                      75kw
Area:                           42.65ft*39.37ft       39.37ft*36.09ft
swing speed:              410m/min              410m/min
Max swing:                 ±120°                     ±120°
rotation:                     360°                       360°
■ Manufacturing Process
 thrilling big pendulum 24 seats
■ Package & Delivery

■ Customer Case

thrilling big pendulum 24 seats production picture:

thrilling big pendulum 24 seats

thrilling big pendulum 24 seats

Our big pendulum in Uzbekistan:
thrilling big pendulum 24 seats


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