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mini dance party 240 degree

mini dance party 240 degree

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Detailed introduction:

mini dance party 240 degree

 mini dance party is 240degree the scaled-down model of the frisbee ride for adults and mainly suitable for many children
as well as the young people. The rides are equipped with the circular gondola and the circular gondola rotates as it swings back and forth.
The circular gondola can bob up and down to 45-60 degree, sometimes. Riders on the mini pendulum ride which is in high speed rotary
pendulum swings on reciprocating, can not help out with laughter exclaimed and have a strong excited feeling. Sometimes, riders can
have the feeling of weightlessness. The mini pendulum ride is truly a popular funfair rides and welcomed by many clients In the world.

Base Dimensions 9 x 9 x 7 mt - (29'6'' x 29'6'' x 23')
Max Height 11,5 mt (37'9'')
Seats 12
Hourly capacity 240
Motive power 29
Lighting 1 Kw
Weight 9.000 Kg.
Max rotation speed 15 Rpm
Max Swinging 120°

mini dance party 240 degree
mini dance party 240 degree
mini dance party 240 degree


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