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360 mini pendulum for sale

360 mini pendulum for sale

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Detailed introduction:

360 mini pendulum for sale

360 mini pendulum for sale is also called Space Travel. It is a kind of amusement equipment which makes
circular motion along the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of transmission structures¬¬—hydraulic and mechanical.
The most obvious feature is that passengers rocking roll with the start of the equipment. The sense of weightlessness
makes passenge travelling in the space. It is very popular among the youth
Product Name mini pendulum
Capacity  12 seats
Height     5.5m
Size:       6*6m
Area       8 * 8m(including fence)
Speed      15rpm
Angle:     360 °
Power     25KW
Voltage    380V
This Mini Pendulum Ride is the compact version of giant type. It has all of the beauty and flash found on the larger pendulum,
only scaled down to make a smaller and more affordable version. Suspended from an overhead axis, riders will soon experience
the rush of land and sky. Once the riders are secured via over the shoulder safety harnesses to their outward looking seats,
the deck drops and Pendulum ride begins its fury, taking thrill-seekers on the ride of their lives.

360 mini pendulum for sale
360 mini pendulum for sale
360 mini pendulum for sale



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