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Ali brothers amusement rides is a professional manufacturer of amusement rides.We regard the amusement rides production as the core, and supply professionally park design solution. We mainly manufacture kinds of amusements rides,family rides, kiddy rides, and bumper cars, etc.
Our Team>>>>>>
From the beginning of the establishment, Ali Brothers Amusement rides manufacturer gathered the international, professional management team and technical development team and sales team. Company's core management staff has more than ten years of Production experience and other areas of business management background; in a short period of time, Ali Brothers Amusement rides manufacturer has been one of the leading amusement rides manufcatuer in Zhengzhou, China.
Product Case>>>>>>>
We mainly produce standard amusement rides, like carousel horse, samba balloon, pirate ship, bumper cars, big pendulum, ferris wheel, flying chair,dragon coaster,control plane, tagada disco, and general amusement rides.
But also we developed a lot of new rides like break dance, music bar, walking robot, happy sky, most of which has been our patent products. Besides, we also developed a lot of new designs for the common rides, like carousel with antique design, mini shuttle with wonderlust design, etc.
We always have a lot of amusement rides in stock in oder to guarantee fast delivery.

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